Concept art 1


Vios is the new Sci-fi RPG game we are working for.

The story takes place in the year 5’944 where humankind has no memory, no story. There are things called “Codex”, remnants of vanished civilizations. They are equipped with technologies that few people understand. It is called magic but it is not…


It’s a dry, windy morning and I’m out collecting water from my still. The water, heavy with red dust, trickles into my flask. Later, when the dust settles I’ll drink some.

My name is Vhal and, according to the ancients, it’s the year 5944. Apart from assigning numbers to the days we have little connection to the past. No memories, no stories, no wisdom. We do what we must in order to survive. I have been travelling from Banno for two weeks, there’s nothing for me there anymore. I’m heading for the next settlement, Tugos. It’s a long walk but I’m used to long walks.

Today however my luck may have changed. In the shimmer of heat rising from the desert sands I see an object coming into view from the direction of the Sun. Something waving, a flag perhaps. Now I see, it is a wagon. It’s heading right. I think that means South. I grab my sack, stuffing all my possessions into it, and head off…


*means move forward